Turn to Kaishan Compressor USA when you need base-mounted rotary screw air compressors that will fit virtually any application. No matter what your requirements are or what industry you serve, our complete lineup of base-mounted screw compressors features a wide selection of horsepower outputs as well as different voltages.

Whatever type of base-mounted rotary compressor fits your particular situation, rest assured that it will live up to the high standards you set for equipment. That’s because we build our base-mounted industrial compressors to serve a wide range of customers across multiple industries.

We have more than 60 years of experience in the marketplace and deliver over 70,000 units every year. This means we know what it takes to create first-class machinery than anyone else in this space. To learn more about any of our base-mounted compressors, browse our complete inventory on this page. Then, reach out to one of our experienced representatives to place an order today.
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