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Kaishan Compressor USA, LLC is an industrial air compressor manufacturer, focusing our offerings on being the most reliable, quality-driven rotary screw air compressor manufacturer in the industry. This promise to you is based on our experience and track record, with more than 60 years in business and 70,000-plus compressors built every year.

Our online portal provides fast ordering capabilities for our leading compressors — including base mount, tank mount, direct drive and variable speed compressors. We are a screw compressor manufacturer that focuses on serving key industries where durability, efficiency and versatility are required. These include automotive, aerospace, agriculture, food and beverage, dry cleaning, chemical and petrochemical, glass manufacturing, and general manufacturing applications.

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Our Rotary Compressor Offerings

As a dedicated rotary compressor manufacturer, we have extensive experience in producing the most efficient, durable compressors on the market. They are suitable for applications from light to heavy duty, and ready for around-the-clock operation to meet even the most demanding compressed air needs. In your search for an industrial air compressor company, quality and versatility should facilitate the best results for you, and we have tailored our online selection to meet those needs.

Available compressor options are:

  •  Belt drive:  In a belt drive compressor, a belt transfers power from the motor to the compressor pump. Our belt-driven compressors are designed for minimal energy loss, maximum efficiency, a focus on durability to minimize bearing and component wear, and pressure flexibility.
  •  Direct drive:  A direct drive compressor has the compressor pump connected directly to the motor, providing peak efficiency, negligible energy loss and maximum durability due to fewer moving parts. Direct drive compressors are ideal for heavy-duty industrial operations, and are well-suited to extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Variable speed drive: A variable speed direct drive compressor maximizes energy efficiency by dynamically adjusting to the demand for compressed air at any given time. When little or no compressed air is being drawn, the variable speed drive lowers to an idling state, which quickly returns to medium or full duty when more air is required.
  • Base mount:  Base-mounted air compressors offer flexibility as to installation location and tank connection. As a rotary screw air compressor manufacturer focused on versatility, we offer base mount compressors designed to operate wherever your compressed air needs might be.
  • Tank mount:  Tank mount air compressors come with an integrated tank to store compressed air — safeguarding against shortages even during peak usage.
  • Tank mount with dryer:  Our tank mount compressors with an integrated air dryer can ensure the air delivered for your applications is clean and free of moisture — while reducing the footprint and additional maintenance associated with an add-on dryer component.

With over six decades in business; manufacturing facilities across the globe; and a service-focused approach — including the ability to order directly from this site — we are proud to be the leading screw compressor manufacturer to meet your industrial needs. Browse our products or, to answer any questions, contact us today.

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